Weather Watchers

Jackson County ARA Weather Watchers

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Amateur radio operators have a special interest in the weather. Local, Global or solar weather effects many phases of amateur radio and the ways we serve our hobby, families and communities. On this page you will find links and information that we hope you will find helpful to you and our hobby.

How do I report weather I observe?

Please include the following items in all your weather reports:

WHO: Identify yourself “Call Sign” and name.
WHAT: Describe the event/storm
WHERE: Report your county and state, and position relative to a known town/landmark.
WHEN: Report the exact time of the event/storm, duration of the event, and if the event still in progress.
LISTEN: For instructions from Net Control/EC or others that might need more information.

What to Report?


Funnel Clouds
Wall Clouds
Mama Clouds
Roll Clouds
Shelf Clouds

Down burst Winds
Wind Damage to Buildings
Wind Damage to Trees (even large limb damage/downing)
Wind Speeds of 35 mph or Greater

Hailstones of Any Size

Lightning Strikes to People
Lightning Strikes to Animals
Lightning Strikes Causing Building Damage

Flooded Streets (water in the road two inches deep or more)
Standing Water in Buildings
Water Over the Banks of Creeks and Streams
Rainfall Rates of Two (2) Inch Per Hour or Greater
Rising Water Approaching Buildings

Weather Links

Local Weather
Full NA Mosaic Radar
Atlantic Tropical Weather Outlook
Geostationary Satellite Service
WWL Hurricane Central
Sky Warn Home
ARRL Public Service Page
Solar DX Reports
Stereo Solar Pictures Site

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