MSPOTA (Mississippi Parks On The Air)

Mississippi State Parks

On The Air


• To promote public awareness of Amateur radio and Mississippi’s State Park system.
• To promote a spirit of friendship and goodwill within the ranks of Mississippi Amateur Radio Operators and Amateur Radio clubs.
• To encourage contact with other Amateur Radio Operators around the state, country, and world.
• To provide additional field operating experience for Mississippi’s Amateur Radio Operators.


As of this writing, there at least 133 reference entities in the POTA database. Not all of them are parks. Only those with “Park” in the name will be used for MSPOTA.

There are twenty-one (21) State Parks in Mississippi, and we need to have most, if not all, of those 21 state parks activated by as many amateur radio operators as possible on the day of the event. This will entail the efforts and cooperation of multiple Mississippi clubs.

Except where noted in this document, POTA rules will apply. See for more details. All MSPOTA activators will operate as if they were activating a State Park for POTA. Co-activating is allowed. When activators mail their adi file to the certificate coordinator, please include the co-activators call signs, if applicable.

As in POTA the guidelines, all rules and regulations of the MS State Parks, will be followed. Fees need to be paid where they are required. If you use Pavilions then those need to be reserved and paid for.

Thank you’s go to the Jackson County Amateur Radio club, and the Area 51 Radio group for their fine cooperation, in making this happen for our State.  Special thanks to all the Activators for the State Parks from whatever club or organization they come from, and of course, without all the hunters, this would not be an event!


• To activate most, if not all, the 21 state parks in Mississippi
• To get as many activators as possible to activate in the field
• To get as many contacts as possible during the event


Statewide MS POTA event date: Saturday, May 18, 2024. 1300 UTC to 2259 UTC (8 am – 5:59 pm CDT local time).

Modes and Bands

Modes of Operation: SSB, CW and FT8/4

Amateur Radio Bands: Any Ham Radio band that is legal in POTA can be used. Also, 2m and 70cm – VHF/UHF Simplex is acceptable.

Stations may be worked once on each band, mode, and by activator.

Park List

This is the Park list for the MS State Parks on the Air.

This list will be updated regularly with activator callsigns who will be assigned.

Activators wishing to activate a certain park, and want to be on this list, please email to state your preferences. We will also be monitoring the Facebook groups: Jackson County Mississippi Amateur Radio Association, and Area 51 Radio Group Mississippi

Please state which park, your callsign, and if you are doing AM or PM (or both).

State Park Name POTA reference

Activator(s) AM

Activator(s) PM

Buccaneer State Park



Clarkco State Park


George P Cossar State Park


Great River Road State Park


Hugh White State Park


John W. Kyle State Park


J P Coleman State Park


Lake Lincoln State Park


Lake Lowndes State Park


Lefleur’s Bluff State Park


Legion State Park


Leroy Percy State Park


Natchez State Park


Paul B. Johnson State Park



Percy E Quin State Park


Roosevelt State Park


Tishomingo State Park


Tombigbee State Park


Trace State Park


Wall Doxey State Park


Clark Creek Natural Area State Park



More details are in MS_StateParks_OnTheAir


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